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“It was a life-changing experience.”
Pauline de Carmo, City University of New York

We have shot a series of short films on location in Italy documenting the experiences of our students on the Rome and Florence programs over the past five years.  Click the play icon inside the film viewer to watch a film.  Further down the page we have compiled more quotes and comments from past alumni to give you an idea of how the program has challenged and inspired our students.  For more in-depth case studies and alumni success stories take a look at our blog.


Rome Art Program – Interviews from Rome Art Program on Vimeo.

Rome Art Program – Experiences from Rome Art Program on Vimeo.

Painting at Night from Rome Art Program on Vimeo.


“I think the Program is really designed to help one communicate powerful ideas in their art, which I really appreciate. Personally, ideas are my biggest strength, so the Program really helped me maximise my potential and gain the technical skills needed to convey those ideas.”
Jessica Craven, Lyon College USA 2017

“This has been THE MOST SPECIAL TWO MONTHS OF MY LIFE. Thank you everyone for everything, every encouragement, every suggestion, every class, every crit, every friendship, every sunny day, every time we have to climb up, every problem we solved, and finally, every drop of rain inside the Pantheon. I miss all of them, I miss all of you. May the ancient rocks and trees of this eternal city remember the traces of our footsteps and the story we composed together, one of courage, love, creativity and countless jokes. So thank you all once again, and please keep working hard, use our genius minds to start a new Renaissance!”
Yuheng (Andy) Wang, New York University USA 2017

“I’ve grown as an artist tremendously. I had a great experience with RAP, and I would love to encourage my friends to apply.”
Steven Lopez, California State University Northridge 2016

“All the faculty are incredible people and I learned and enjoyed every class with them”
Claire Morse, Mt. Holyoke College, USA, current semester abroad at Kent University, England 2016

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience on Rome Art Program. The professors are all very good at what they do. I recommend the program to everyone, especially anyone who is entusiastic about art.  All in all, a great lesson in art, observation and Rome as a whole!”
Tom Wynn Owen, Slade School of Fine Art, University College London 2016

“Awesome. Enough said!!”
Nicolas Roderick, Central Saint Martins School of Art, London

“All these lessons learned have been nourishing and will ensure my growth in general and specifically as an artist.”
Antoneil Lyne, City College of New York

“It has been such a privilege to be part of this program, and I feel very fortunate to have been included amongst the Florence students. It was great, also, to be welcome on the SACI campus – I could have spent hours in their wonderful library! Of course, at the end of this few weeks I realise how much I DON’T know, but the learning will continue from here!”
Debra Neylon, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

“I believe people can connect you to a place and to yourself. Florence is a beautficul stage, yet it was the actors and the audience, the participants, and the spectators-the people. They were the elements of unity that made the show…taking this experience some place much deeper than a painting.”
Chloe Vallance, Australia

“It was a very free experience that let you learn from the place, medium, and yourself.”
Donald Johnson, USA