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Professor Irene Barberis – Tapestry of Light – Canterbury Cathedral

Professor Irene Barberis, RMIT University Melbourne AU. has the solo show “Tapestry of Light’ opening at Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, UK. It will be on display from October 14 to November 19, 10:00-16:00 daily.
The lighting on this major installation changes constantly. Professor Barberis is a Visiting Artist for the Rome Art Program, RAP Faculty.

The Cathedral’s Chapter House is a dramatic setting for artist Irene Barberis’ glowing tapestry, immersing the viewer in a neon coloured story of war, peace and the promise of hope. This internationally significant work is a giant illuminated tapestry, spread across 14 panels, 36 metres long by 3 metres high, made from glowing fibres of threads and light especially constructed using nanoparticle technology developed at the RMIT Design Research Institute.

The Tapestry of Light: Intersections of Illumination reimagines the medieval Angers Tapestries of the Apocalypse as a set of artworks.
More about the Tapestry of light.

Blurring the edges between art and design, intersecting with science through its materials, it explores new forms of technological approaches in illumination while echoing the medieval Angers Apocalypse through a vibrant contemporary voice.

This exhibition is part of the Canterbury Festival, and will be accompanied by a programme of talks and activities. Canterbury Festival October 14 – November 19 – 10:00-16:00 daily.

Read more about Professor Irene Barberis and Tapestry of Light project:
Professor Irene Barberis
Tapestry of light project
Tapestry of light at Canterbury Festival

Rome Art Program – Art As Power

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Scholarship Benefit Art Auction – Rome Art Program
From Saturday, July 22 at 10am (EST) – through Tuesday, July 25
The Scholarship Benefit will be featured Online Only

You are cordially invited to the Rome Art Program 2017 Scholarship Benefit, which will be featured Online Only from Saturday, July 22nd 2017 through Tuesday, July 25th. The auction will begin at 10am(EST) July 22nd.

Every purchase of a painting donates directly to our Scholarship Fund. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

To view paintings please visit our Online Gallery

Each Artwork: $125 including shipping

A gift to the Rome Art Program provides an opportunity for you to play a significant role in the life-changing experiences of our students. We are able to offer a small number of student scholarships this year to young artists who exhibit exceptional promise. Students selected for sponsorship have a portion of their tuition fees waived, enabling us to open up the opportunity of study in Rome to those with exceptional talent and applicants from lower income backgrounds.

RomeArtProgram Benefit Show

RomeArtProgram — Art as Power


The Bilotti Museum in Rome opens to RomeArtProgram’s students

Carole Robb -RAP Artistic Director- has taken July Program students to the Billotti Museum to make transcriptions.
The Museo Carlo Bilotti one of the cultural gems of Rome, with extraordinary art housed in a restored 16th-century marble palazzo smack in the middle of Villa Borghese.
Carlo Bilotti, came from a noble southern family and, for all his life, a passionate collector of art.
The Bilotti Museum in Rome – Villa Borghese

RomeArtProgram – Art as Power

Bilotti Museum in Rome has opened to RomeArtProgram

Carole Robb -RAP Artistic Director- has taken July Program students to the Billotti Museum to make transcriptions.
The Bilotti Museum permanent collection consists of 23 important works by Italy’s and international premier artist of the 20th century gifted by Carlo Bilotti to Rome; there are 18 works by Giorgio de Chirico (sculpture of Hector and Andromache is installed outside) as well as works by Andy Warhol, Larry Rivers, Gino Severini, and Giacomo Manzù.
On its ground floor, the museum hosts excellent temporary exhibits, often of very large pieces of internationally known contemporary artists (such as Damien Hirst and Jenny Saville, Yves Klein).
RAP students students have had the opportunity to study and make transcriptions just few meters in front of those precious paintings, drawings and sculptures.

RomeArtProgram – Art as Power

Villa Medici – French Academy in Rome
July Summer show: “Swimming is Saving”

Summer Group Show of Villa Medici grant-holders: the exhibition is the final result of about a year of studies and researches that was concentrated behind the walls of the Villa, the French Academy which has already celebrated 250 years of creativity, and now collects the works of 15 artists.
This Villa Medici Summer Show is the beginning of a cycle named “L’ORO”, a special name which refers to those students who has started a specific artistic current.
The “summer exhibition” of Villa Medici represents an important key to enter and understand modern and contemporary art.
During the Opening curated by Chiara Parisi, it’s possible to see a series of performances:
Laure Thierrée’s Transumanza urbana; Alvise Sinivia will with a piano performance-body-interaction; in the big saloon. During the night Kenny Dunkan stages several flower sellers peddlers in the garden of Villa Medici.
It is possible to see:
— Writers Lancelot Hamelin e Sébastien Smirou;
— Composers Francesca Verunelli, Benjamin Attahir e Alvise Sinivia;
— The photographs Lucie de Barbuat & Simon Brodbeck;
— Visual artists Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, Eva Jospin e Kenny Dunkan;
— The animation film director Simon Rouby;
— Art historian Lucia Piccioni;
— Landscape architect Laure Thierrée;
— Restorer of artwork Stéphanie Ovide who collaborates with Etel Adnan.
Villa Medici hosts exhibitions, workshops, cultural events, historical research, academic studies and activities. The Villa has an enviable position, overlooking the entire city, and has 18 acres of gardens filled with fountains and sculptures, and a rich cultural heritage. In 1803, Napoleon Bonaparte moved the French Academy in Rome to the Villa Medici with the intention of preserving an institution once threatened by the French Revolution. The Villa had been renovated in order to house the winners of the Prix de Rome.

RomeArtProgram – Art as Power