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The 16th Quadriennale returns to Rome, after eight years, a major exhibition focused on promoting trends in art. A group of 11 curators have chosen 150 works especially produced for the event by 99 artists.
The exhibition has the aim of documenting the development of Italian visual art, under the title “Altri tempi, altri miti” – “Other times, other myths”, mapping out a new panorama of contemporary art.
With a focus on Italian production the 16th Quadriennale is conceived as a changing map of artistic production and includes paintings, sculptures, video installations and photography, and is shown in 10 gallery spaces at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.
Till next January 8 th – Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Via Nazionale 194 – Rome


Rome Art Week Festival  (24-29 October) starts involving 70 artists and in cooperation with 40 Roman Galleries.
The Program has a packed calendar of 400 free events to promote contemporary art in Rome.
RAW is at its first edition and a partner of the “Fuori Quadrenniale” programme attached to the city’s 16th Quadrenniale  –
RAW calendar and interactive map –