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Serafino Amato

Serafino Amato – RAP Faculty

What do you do and where are you based?
I’m an artist that works mostly with photography and writing, which in my opinion are two modes that are interchangeable. I live in Rome, I was born here, even though I don’t feel a strong connection. I mean I don’t feel very Roman but neither do I feel I belong elsewhere. I don’t feeel I belong in cities, I merely live here, like many others, but if I can I move outside its boundaries.

What is your background?
My background lies in the area of experimental theater, that’s where I started in the 80’s,
but I’ve always been part of the visual arts, photography in particular.

Tell us a secret about Rome…
It’s difficult to know secrets about a place like Rome, if I knew it’s secrets then maybe I’d be successful and then I’d feel like a real citizen. In this case also I would have to say that I’ve always been attracted by the boundaries of this city, what once was it’s limits. So maybe a secret of this city is I believe in the nature which tries to penetrate into the city, often near the river, the Tiber, which carries with it the strong memory of open spaces and faraway scents and odors.

Is there a difference in working in Rome for an artist?
I can’t precisely say, I’ve never worked elsewhere. I can say that it’s a difficult place, a city that often forgets about who lives in it. Yes, Rome is really not an easy city, not only for artists. A city that maybe because of its long history has a very short memory.

A good source makes all the difference…which is the most important inspirational source you have found in Rome?
For me inspiration doesn’t come from the urban, but in the contrast between the urban and the natural. Almost all my work is born from this meeting and for this reason I’m glad to live in this city which has such ‘weak borders ‘. It’s a capital that leaves room for many in contaminated territories in its vicinity, and places not often visited by romans. So I would say that this is a true quality of Rome, it gives you the liberty to abandon the city, and even for a few hours it’s possible to forget about it.
Rome Art Program – Art As Power

Rome Art Program
Steven Meek – RAP Faculty

What do you do and where are you based?
Since 1995 I’ve been living in Rome. I am a painter.

What’s your background?
I was born in Dallas, Texas received my BFA from Texas Wesleyan University and my MFA from Yale School of Art.

Tell Us a Secret About Rome…
Rome is a never ending surprise, a cultural theme park.

Is there a difference in working in Rome for an artist ?
It has taken time to get threw the influences of Rome.
I have been absorbing Rome for a long time, now it comes out in my work without having to contemplate it.

A good source makes all the difference… Which is the most important inspirational source you had found in Rome?
Rome Art Program – Art As Power

RomeArtProgram – Summer Program – Apply Now!

RomeArtProgram: only few days left till Jan20 deadline to apply for RAP Summer Program
Limited Number $1000 and $500 Scholarships available.

Application Requirements:
—Complete our online application form
—Pay $35 non-refundable application fee
—Upload 6 images from your portfolio demonstrating your artistic practice (images submitted as JPEG files* smaller than 1mb file size)
—A letter of recommendation from a college professor or art professional (email is accepted if sent from a recognized college or business address)

Please contact us for further info.

When you have all the above information ready go to RAP website “apply now” page to begin the process.

RomeArtProgram : Art As Power



From the Program’s start -summer 2009- RomeArtProgram have selected Jill Sarver as the first 2009 student alumna; here her memories from that time:
–> Jill : “Little did I know that my weeks in Rome would profoundly impact my approach and process for years to come.  Visiting the Hall of the Emperors in the Capitoline Museum was an especially important experience for me, being that I’ve always had a love of archaeology and portraiture.
To this day, portraits from Late Republican Rome continue to influence my work and I love sharing the opportunity to create in that same place, with my students. One my first impressions of Rome was the sheer scale of the ruins.
From the Emperors to the Popes, to Mussolini, each ruling power was sure to leave its mark upon the city.”
Jill received her B.F.A in Painting In 2003, and B.A. in Spanish from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio; after she earned her M.A. in Painting and Drawing from Eastern Illinois University, then she taught in the U.S. and in Spain, completed a 2-month residency at the Chautauqua Institution and received her M.F.A. in 2010 from Western Connecticut State University. It was during this period that she studied with RAP (summer 2009).
The program had a profound impact on Jill’s graduate work and set her on the path to where she works today.
After graduate school Jill served as Visual Arts Manager at Westport Arts Center (Westport 2011 – 2016); there she managed the gallery and organized exhibitions, from Eric Fischl to Chuck Close, maintaining her love of teaching drawing classes, and coming to Rome as visiting artist to RomeArtProgram (RAP 2015).
Jill looks forward to sharing her passion for art and love of the city with new RAP students each summer.


Tristan Barlow @ AnitaRogersGallery New York
Tristan Barlow (RAP) and Hans Neleman duo show – On View January 10 – February 11, 2017 – Gallery Private Reception with the Artists: Tue, Jan 17, 6-8pm.
Tristan is an American artist who joined the RomeArtProgram and assisted Creative Director Carole Robb in 2011 and in 2012 -RAP Florence and Rome- before taking his Fine Art Masters Degree at the London Slade School in 2015.
Tristan has been sorted out for the John Moores Painting Prize Exhibition, open to all painters in the UK (54 artists shortlisted for the JMPPE exhibition selected by an independent jury) the exhibition is part of Liverpool Biennial.   Tristan also studied at the New York Studio School with Carole Robb and at University of Southern Mississippi, was awarded the Red Mansion Art Prize 2014 and the Barto dos Santos Memorial Award 2015.
AnitaRogersGallery: 77 Mercer Street #2N, New York.

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