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RomeArtProgram”s Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury 2012 Alumna to contribute to the “Throwback Thursday” memories and to enrich our research:

-> Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury : “Our month in Rome began with a bang, as Italy was in the World Cup Finals. I had never seen such a big crowd as the one gathered in the Circus Maximus that night, the high’s and low’s of the evening were spectacular, and the drama felt akin to something that could have been witnessed in the same place thousands of years before. Rome is truly awe inspiring. You can feel the history pumping through your veins, but also feel the passion and intensity of the Italian capital in everything that envelops you, from the heat, to the food, to the lively animation of the people. The program was exceptional. Drawing and painting from observation in the city every day helps you forge a direct and personal relationship with Rome in a way no touristic experience will ever provide.
Through the critiques we had with Carole Robb, I learnt more about painting in one month then ever before. The Rome Art Program opened my eyes to painting in a new way, and was an invaluable step in my path towards becoming an artist.
Since the Rome Art Program I have completed my Diploma at The Art Academy with a First Class Degree. I was awarded the John Hoyland Schoalrship, to study my MAFA at Chelsea College of Art, UAL, London. I have been awarded international residencies, one in Malaysia at Rimbum Dahan, and one in Mexico in Guadalajara. I have gained a place on the Turps Painting Program, where I am now studying from in London. I work as a tutor in painting in drawing, alongside my practise. I have exhibited my work widely in London, and have pieces in private international collections”.

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RomeArtProgram’s Carlo Moratti -2009 alumnus and Faculty member- to contribute to the “Throwback Thursday”:
->: “I have lived in Rome since graduating in Communications, and belong to a group of important painters, so the “Roman atmosphere” was quite familiar to me. When I decided to join the RomeArtProgram (which started in 2009) and I began seeing the City with new eyes, my emotional responses changed. Before experiencing RomeArtProgram, I never experimented staying inside a church or in the forums while drawing and painting.
The city became a huge studio, enabling me to better understand a series of art masterpieces, absorbing what was behind them. Working en plein air was a strong sensation: light and colours were protagonist in a reciprocal interaction between space and creativity. It became easier to capture the secrets of Baroque and Renaissance masterpieces, and my approach to the city and my own work changed.
The process of creativity was remodeled, going through a series of steps which made drawing and painting more consistent and coherent. A series of continuous stimulus represented a powerful mix of inspiration, a starting points to draw from. Soon after the end of my first session with RAP, I showed in a nice gallery.
The Program also helped me to go in deep developing my practice, restarting from a different perspective.
I’ve recently got the chance to join the Program a couple of times; I love sharing the opportunity to create in the “Eternal City”. Participating in the Group was another important propulsion which allowed me to proceed and keep the route.
It generates a synergy: visiting churches and museums and then talking together about Raphael, Caravaggio and Bernini helps you to get to know more about art, like a fascinating mosaic in which the baricentre is the Program.
I think the teachers and instructors are the cornerstone of the Program, as well as Visiting Faculty.
The critique sessions are another pivotal part of the Program, which allows the alumni better to understand their works’ strengths and weaknesses, making it easier to evolve. Thanks to RAP I’ve found a new spirit within my own work, bringing me to a new maturity which better reflects my actual research”.
Rome Art Program – Art As Power


From the 2011 RomeArtProgram has selected alumnus Don Johnson to contribute to “Throwback Thursday”, including his memories from that time:
->: “I spent two weeks in Florence in 2011 with Rome Art Program.
When I speak about my time spent with the Rome Art Program and the Artistic Director Carole Robb, I tell people it’s where I really learned how to paint.
Experiencing the history and culture of Rome itself was life changing, but drawing and painting with the group changed me as an artist.
My bodies of work took a bold turn once I returned to grad school after the program, and I began to explore painting in layers of washes, much like the watercolors I had worked on all summer in Rome. I went into the program as a printmaker and I came out a painter.
After the summer I spent with RAP in 2011, I was accepted into the Palazzo Rinaldi residency in Naples, at the south.
While attending the residency, I continued to grow as a painter and began to gather drawings for my MFA Thesis.
I graduated from the University of Idaho with my MFA in 2013. I have since moved to Denver where there is a vibrant art scene and participate in group shows.
One of my biggest accomplishments as an artist is my solo show at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
I currently work in the Oil & Gas industry, as I continue to grow my painting into a bill paying career!

Rome Art Program – Art As Power


RomeArtProgram’s Luc Dubois -Montreal, Canada- 2015 Assistant to the Artistic Director, to contribute to the “Throwback Thursday” memories, to enrich our artistic research.
–>Luc Dubois : “Since the Rome Art Program, I have continued elaborating on a major project that consists of a center figurative marble figure awakening and surrounded by a mesh or ”maillage”. The inspiration for this project is the 9 BC altar dedicated to a piece at the Museo dell’Ara Pacis.
During the Rome Art Program, I went to the museum and took elaborate measurements to be able scale this project. I also used the restoration of the Trevi Fountain and Colosseum as my base inspiration for a work in progress, restoration, restitution. In order words, I have taken the liberty to make my Major Project as a continuous and colorful assemblage.
This main project has evolved alongside other projects, as well as my regular job as a building engineer, drone operator, and 3D scan operator, which gives my art the proper technological push to see further into the effect of technology upon our visual palette and appreciation of the world we live in. I have also participated and collaborated in photography exhibitions with a Brazilian group, and I also made wearable sculptures in collaboration with a fashion designer.
I am currently set to participate in a group exhibition in Miami, at the Macaya Gallery -Wynwood District, which will also show some of my work taken from my Roman production in 2015.
It is for the poetry of space and its atmosphere that my work takes its vigor, amplitude and reason of being. The intention of my work is to assemble elements, materials, techniques and forms that represents an intimate emotional response from my personal experience of life.
The use of colors and painting skills, with the help of photography have become integrated tools that bring me to a maturity that reflects well with and within my actual art research.
I truly believe the Rome Art Program has allowed me to take time to investigate to an exhaustive level my emotional response to a city that holds many keys to our modern world.
The dedication of the artists running the program makes this outdoor creative time memorable and now its unavoidable to feel Rome and its many unrevealed secrets”.

Rome Art Program – Art As Power


From the summer 2012 RomeArtProgram has selected Ellen Chang-Richardson alumna to contribute to “Throwback Thursday”, with the memories from that time:
— Elly: “In June of 2012, I was at the height of my university career and about to embark on a double thesis program for my last year of school. Not knowing which direction to take in the studio component of my thesis, I decided to go to Rome for a month as part of the Rome Art Program.
Working en plein air opened my eyes to the beauty of capturing a moment in time. Each day, each night, and each experience was a new adventure at the mercy of light.
In attempting to capture it, my sensibility to my own work and to the work of others has changed irrevocably. To this day the works of art that touch me the most are those that have the ability to evoke sentiment from the deepest corners of our subconscious.
Since that summer, my professional developments have been outside the realm of my own studio work.
While my thesis did come to a successful solo exhibition at the EEL Gallery, in Toronto, I applied myself more fully to an internship position at Barbara Edwards Contemporary.
It was in this commercial sphere that I found a love and a challenge greater than the challenges the studio ever afforded me. I helped to organize and execute exhibitions for gallery artists, and to connect true buyers with works of art. I continue to be involved with major projects such as Art Toronto, exhibition openings, and special events; and I hope to one day bring my history and knowledge to bear in fundraising for cultural institutions.

Rome Art Program – Art As Power