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RomeArtProgram’s Yara Abdellatif to contribute to the “Throwback Thursday”:

->: “After completing my Journalism degree in Cairo, Egypt, I decided it was time to explore a new challenge and that led me to the Rome Art Program. I wasn’t sure what career path to pursue but I knew I wanted to do something that would inspire me and take me out of my comfort zone.
We spent our days and nights painting and drawing, and when the program was over I could not believe the amount of work that I managed to complete. I believe it was the combination of the program coursework and mentor guidance along with being in Italy, where every brick drives your inspiration to new heights. I found myself drawn to the night painting part of the program. As Rome’s sun sets the effect it has on the colours and the composition of my surroundings was a captivating experience. There was a pleasure in painting without knowing how the artwork would be illustrated and finished. My experience in Rome allowed me to self reflect on who I am and what I wanted to do.
Shortly after leaving Italy I moved from Egypt to Australia. My experience in Rome drove me to look into doing studies in fine arts. After research and a few courses here and there, I made the decision to pursue fashion. I am currently in my graduate year at Melbourne Fashion Institute, working on my graduate collection. Fashion design is quite similar to holding a paintbrush to a clean canvas. It’s the creative process that has attracted me to pursuing arts and design. I have presented fashion illustrations and garments at the past two fashion shows and exhibitions the institute has held. Art influences and reflects the world around us and, as the world changes, so does its forms.

Rome Art Program – Art As Power


RomeArtProgram’s Tristan Barlow to contribute to the “Throwback Thursday”

->: “Rome has a profound impact on any artist who enters the city. When strolling the streets of Rome, one’s senses are struck with beauty, cobbled streets, ruins, history, grit, aromas of coffee or the sweet smell of fruit in a market, the allure of a cafe terrace. But these things are mere pleasantries that could be gathered up from reading a book or watching a Fellini film. The immediate surface experience is seductive, but there is something more – there is perspective. There is the gravity of artists such as Bernini, Caravaggio, and Michelangelo, the gravity of their ambitions and the lasting effects of their achievements on visual language. As an artist, you are breathed in by the city and you become a part of a lineage.
This is an experience that no film can offer, no book or blog can give away the depth of what it means to be breathed in by a city and to be humbled by the power of it. This perspective then offers the ability to consider one’s self in relation to and across time and to draw unexpected parallels between the past and the future. In this city, an artist is offered a unique space in living history; within that space are the seeds of thoughts and ideas that can fill up a life time of making. In this way Rome has been an integral part of my development as an artist.
Since working as teaching assistant for the RAP Program in 2012, I spent a year studying painting with Carole Robb at the New York Studio School before moving to London, where I received my MFA in Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art.
I was awarded the Red Mansion Art Prize 2014 and the Barto dos Santos Memorial Award 2015. I have been awarded residencies at the Chautauqua Institute of Art, Vermont Studio Center, and the Red Gate Residency in Beijing, China. My work has been included in the John Moores 2016 Painting Prize Exhibition, Creekside Open, Selected by Lisa Milroy in 2015, the 2015 Red Mansion ArtPrizeExhibition, and Tristan Barlow and Hans Neleman at Anita Rogers Gallery NYC”.

Rome Art Program – Art As Power

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RomeArtProgram”s Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury 2012 Alumna to contribute to the “Throwback Thursday” memories and to enrich our research:

-> Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury : “Our month in Rome began with a bang, as Italy was in the World Cup Finals. I had never seen such a big crowd as the one gathered in the Circus Maximus that night, the high’s and low’s of the evening were spectacular, and the drama felt akin to something that could have been witnessed in the same place thousands of years before. Rome is truly awe inspiring. You can feel the history pumping through your veins, but also feel the passion and intensity of the Italian capital in everything that envelops you, from the heat, to the food, to the lively animation of the people. The program was exceptional. Drawing and painting from observation in the city every day helps you forge a direct and personal relationship with Rome in a way no touristic experience will ever provide.
Through the critiques we had with Carole Robb, I learnt more about painting in one month then ever before. The Rome Art Program opened my eyes to painting in a new way, and was an invaluable step in my path towards becoming an artist.
Since the Rome Art Program I have completed my Diploma at The Art Academy with a First Class Degree. I was awarded the John Hoyland Schoalrship, to study my MAFA at Chelsea College of Art, UAL, London. I have been awarded international residencies, one in Malaysia at Rimbum Dahan, and one in Mexico in Guadalajara. I have gained a place on the Turps Painting Program, where I am now studying from in London. I work as a tutor in painting in drawing, alongside my practise. I have exhibited my work widely in London, and have pieces in private international collections”.

RomeArtProgram – Art as Power


RomeArtProgram’s Carlo Moratti -2009 alumnus and Faculty member- to contribute to the “Throwback Thursday”:
->: “I have lived in Rome since graduating in Communications, and belong to a group of important painters, so the “Roman atmosphere” was quite familiar to me. When I decided to join the RomeArtProgram (which started in 2009) and I began seeing the City with new eyes, my emotional responses changed. Before experiencing RomeArtProgram, I never experimented staying inside a church or in the forums while drawing and painting.
The city became a huge studio, enabling me to better understand a series of art masterpieces, absorbing what was behind them. Working en plein air was a strong sensation: light and colours were protagonist in a reciprocal interaction between space and creativity. It became easier to capture the secrets of Baroque and Renaissance masterpieces, and my approach to the city and my own work changed.
The process of creativity was remodeled, going through a series of steps which made drawing and painting more consistent and coherent. A series of continuous stimulus represented a powerful mix of inspiration, a starting points to draw from. Soon after the end of my first session with RAP, I showed in a nice gallery.
The Program also helped me to go in deep developing my practice, restarting from a different perspective.
I’ve recently got the chance to join the Program a couple of times; I love sharing the opportunity to create in the “Eternal City”. Participating in the Group was another important propulsion which allowed me to proceed and keep the route.
It generates a synergy: visiting churches and museums and then talking together about Raphael, Caravaggio and Bernini helps you to get to know more about art, like a fascinating mosaic in which the baricentre is the Program.
I think the teachers and instructors are the cornerstone of the Program, as well as Visiting Faculty.
The critique sessions are another pivotal part of the Program, which allows the alumni better to understand their works’ strengths and weaknesses, making it easier to evolve. Thanks to RAP I’ve found a new spirit within my own work, bringing me to a new maturity which better reflects my actual research”.
Rome Art Program – Art As Power


From the 2011 RomeArtProgram has selected alumnus Don Johnson to contribute to “Throwback Thursday”, including his memories from that time:
->: “I spent two weeks in Florence in 2011 with Rome Art Program.
When I speak about my time spent with the Rome Art Program and the Artistic Director Carole Robb, I tell people it’s where I really learned how to paint.
Experiencing the history and culture of Rome itself was life changing, but drawing and painting with the group changed me as an artist.
My bodies of work took a bold turn once I returned to grad school after the program, and I began to explore painting in layers of washes, much like the watercolors I had worked on all summer in Rome. I went into the program as a printmaker and I came out a painter.
After the summer I spent with RAP in 2011, I was accepted into the Palazzo Rinaldi residency in Naples, at the south.
While attending the residency, I continued to grow as a painter and began to gather drawings for my MFA Thesis.
I graduated from the University of Idaho with my MFA in 2013. I have since moved to Denver where there is a vibrant art scene and participate in group shows.
One of my biggest accomplishments as an artist is my solo show at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
I currently work in the Oil & Gas industry, as I continue to grow my painting into a bill paying career!

Rome Art Program – Art As Power