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Carole Robb -RomeArtProgram Artistic Director- was an invited exhibitor at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2017.

BBC has included a Carole’s piece in an article titled In pictures Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2017 : “Carole Robb channels the spirit of Romantic literature in Showers with Heroes – Byron”

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->: “Chris Gonzalez RAP 2013 Alumnus to contribute to the “Throwback Thursday”:

What was most important about Rome to my artistic development was that it was the most intensive artistic training I’ve received. I learned a lot from the program; between different techniques in painting and drawing to actually seeing historical locations and learning about them. I also learned a lot more about drawing and painting on location, and while I can’t really do it much here in New York, I felt that it was an important skill to learn.
One of the lessons that I learned which has stuck with me is something Carole Robb said to the class once, which was to not make the painting too generic. It’s something I take into consideration when stepping back and looking at some of the works I’ve done.
In the few years since the Rome Art Program, my art accomplishments have been somewhat on the backburner.
While I continue to paint and draw, as well as post on social media, my full time job has prevented me somewhat in seeking other artistic opportunities.
However, I have been in a few group shows such as the Side Show Gallery’s Through the Looking Glass, and the Greenpoint Gallery’s group show.
Since the store where I work also has group shows, I’ve been submitting work to those shows as well”.

Rome Art Program – Art As Power


RomeArtProgram’s Ping Zheng, RAP 2012 Alumna -graduated from Slade 2014- to contribute to the “Throwback Thursday”:

->: “As an artist, it was a great opportunity to see and experience Italy, and spend time with a group of art lovers from all over the world making art every day. The painting and drawing teachers in the program were very friendly and helpful. We also had an art history teacher, which helped me understand a little bit about the history of Rome, besides doing my drawing and painting. I was so happy to meet my best travel companion– Lizzie. She was terrific, and I admire her energetic and uplifting spirit for life. With her, I experienced many new things.
After my trip to Italy, I came back London to finish my BA study at the Slade School, but I kept in contact with my friend Lizzie. We traveled together again in Spain for ten days, which was an unexpected surprise. I had such lovely experience with Rome Art Program in Italy with American friends that it inspired me to apply to a USA school for my masters degree. I was pleased when I got into RISD MFA painting program in America. I was also inspired to travel to different art residencies for five months after I graduated from RISD.
I have an upcoming dual show in the Nancy Margolis Gallery – NY on June 29th until August 11th”.

Rome Art Program – Art As Power

Yara Abdellatif-----OKKK

RomeArtProgram’s Yara Abdellatif to contribute to the “Throwback Thursday”:

->: “After completing my Journalism degree in Cairo, Egypt, I decided it was time to explore a new challenge and that led me to the Rome Art Program. I wasn’t sure what career path to pursue but I knew I wanted to do something that would inspire me and take me out of my comfort zone.
We spent our days and nights painting and drawing, and when the program was over I could not believe the amount of work that I managed to complete. I believe it was the combination of the program coursework and mentor guidance along with being in Italy, where every brick drives your inspiration to new heights. I found myself drawn to the night painting part of the program. As Rome’s sun sets the effect it has on the colours and the composition of my surroundings was a captivating experience. There was a pleasure in painting without knowing how the artwork would be illustrated and finished. My experience in Rome allowed me to self reflect on who I am and what I wanted to do.
Shortly after leaving Italy I moved from Egypt to Australia. My experience in Rome drove me to look into doing studies in fine arts. After research and a few courses here and there, I made the decision to pursue fashion. I am currently in my graduate year at Melbourne Fashion Institute, working on my graduate collection. Fashion design is quite similar to holding a paintbrush to a clean canvas. It’s the creative process that has attracted me to pursuing arts and design. I have presented fashion illustrations and garments at the past two fashion shows and exhibitions the institute has held. Art influences and reflects the world around us and, as the world changes, so does its forms.

Rome Art Program – Art As Power


RomeArtProgram’s Tristan Barlow to contribute to the “Throwback Thursday”

->: “Rome has a profound impact on any artist who enters the city. When strolling the streets of Rome, one’s senses are struck with beauty, cobbled streets, ruins, history, grit, aromas of coffee or the sweet smell of fruit in a market, the allure of a cafe terrace. But these things are mere pleasantries that could be gathered up from reading a book or watching a Fellini film. The immediate surface experience is seductive, but there is something more – there is perspective. There is the gravity of artists such as Bernini, Caravaggio, and Michelangelo, the gravity of their ambitions and the lasting effects of their achievements on visual language. As an artist, you are breathed in by the city and you become a part of a lineage.
This is an experience that no film can offer, no book or blog can give away the depth of what it means to be breathed in by a city and to be humbled by the power of it. This perspective then offers the ability to consider one’s self in relation to and across time and to draw unexpected parallels between the past and the future. In this city, an artist is offered a unique space in living history; within that space are the seeds of thoughts and ideas that can fill up a life time of making. In this way Rome has been an integral part of my development as an artist.
Since working as teaching assistant for the RAP Program in 2012, I spent a year studying painting with Carole Robb at the New York Studio School before moving to London, where I received my MFA in Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art.
I was awarded the Red Mansion Art Prize 2014 and the Barto dos Santos Memorial Award 2015. I have been awarded residencies at the Chautauqua Institute of Art, Vermont Studio Center, and the Red Gate Residency in Beijing, China. My work has been included in the John Moores 2016 Painting Prize Exhibition, Creekside Open, Selected by Lisa Milroy in 2015, the 2015 Red Mansion ArtPrizeExhibition, and Tristan Barlow and Hans Neleman at Anita Rogers Gallery NYC”.

Rome Art Program – Art As Power