Application for Course Transfer Credits

Guide to completing a Rome Art Program course transfer credit application:

  1. You must first apply and be offered a place on Rome Art Program (RAP), confirm acceptance of RAP session, and pay the $500 course deposit.
  2. Contact your home college/university and confirm you’re applying for RAP course credits. Provide RAP with an administrator email address at home institution, so we can send a copy of our syllabus for review. *This process should be started prior to RAP’s session start.
  3. After the syllabus has been reviewed, confirm with your institution how many course credits you will receive for RAP session. **Please note: RAP does not award the credits directly, we send our evaluations to your home school. Your home school then awards your credits, and will charge an additional processing fee.
  4. After finishing your RAP session, you’ll receive a RAP evaluation. Your ratings will need to be average or higher to qualify for course transfer credits.
  5. Your evaluation will be emailed to your home institution. Course Credit processing time is 14 business days. *If your home department requires original transcripts to be sent by mail; additional certified mailing cost will be $50.

RAP will charge a processing fee of $50 per credit hour awarded. Example: if you are approved for the transfer of our Drawing course in place of a 4-credit course at your home institution, we will charge $200.00 processing fees.

*We may be able to help process course credits retrospectively, but an additional processing fee of $200 is required for us to begin a course credit transfer application after program start. This fee is charged in addition to our standard fees ($50 per credit hour awarded)..